So what does it take to get married?

The Process, The Inclusions and The Cost


You’re getting married and the planning has begun. You need a celebrant but have no idea where to start?

Here's an overview of what’s involved and the process we will follow. Take the time to read the below and get in touch directly if you have any queries or need some clarification. 

1.      Contact me - Give me a call or send me an email. Let me know what date you've set and I’ll check my availability. We’ll chat about what you have in mind for your ceremony and we can essentially ‘suss each other out’ to ensure we’re all on the same page and feel that we’re the right fit for each other. If you feel more comfortable we can meet in person (depending on location and availability) to discuss or arrange a time to Skype / Facetime.

2.      Book it in - Based on initial contact, if you're happy to secure my services, I'll send you the booking form. Upon receipt of signed form and non-refundable deposit payment, you will receive a receipt of payment and a Client Information Kit.

3.      Notice of Intended Marriage - In the kit is a “Notice of Intended Marriage” together with a request for other identification and documentation. This Notice should be dealt with first and foremost and must be lodged with me no later than one calendar month prior to the wedding date. 

4.      Meeting - Once complete, we will arrange to meet to sign off and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage. We will also discuss your requirements for the ceremony. What type of ceremony you have in mind, options for readings, rituals, poems, ways to include important people and also music.

5.      Questionnaire - Send me your responses to the ‘Getting to know you’ questionnaire that we will have talked through in previous meetings, along with any additional ideas you may have on the ceremony since we last met.

6.      Ceremony v1 - I will create a first version of your ceremony using the information provided and forward a copy to you for review and feedback. 

7.      Edits - Any edit requests you have to the ceremony will be addressed and ceremony sent back to you. There is no limit to the editing, we will edit and tweak as required until we get it just right!

8.      Rehearsal - I will always recommend having a wedding rehearsal, as it's an opportunity to go through the choreography, final sign off of the ‘Declaration’ (as would have been previously discussed) and go over the remaining paperwork for the ceremony itself, ensuring you are across what will be presented to you and your witnesses on the day.

The balance of my fee is also due the week prior to the date of the marriage.

9.      The I Do’s - At the place and time arranged the marriage takes place!

10.   Post ceremony - All legal documentation is sent to Births, Deaths and Marriages. 


People often underestimate the amount of work that goes in to a ceremony. There are many factors that go in to the planning, preparation and on the day delivery. Some details are set in stone, while others are tailored to suit each couple and their individual situation.

I take pride in my work and role as a celebrant and as a bare minimum, the following will always be included in all ceremony package options:

·       Unlimited communication via phone, email, Skype / Facetime

·       Up to 3 face to face meetings (at a date and place mutually as agreed upon by the celebrant and couple)

·       Unlimited input into the creation and structure of your ceremony (ensuring all legal requirements are adhered to)

·       A tailored and personalised ceremony to best reflect you as a couple

·       A full ceremony rehearsal at a date, time and place agreed upon by all parties

·       On the day officiation of wedding ceremony

·       Lodgement of all legal documents to Births, Deaths & Marriages within legally specified timeframe post ceremony


As mentioned above, there are many factors that go in to the planning, preparation and on the day delivery of a wedding ceremony.

Please 'Contact Me' to request further detail and I will tailor a quote to suit.